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Discover the Power of Red Light Therapy

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Experience cutting-edge wellness with Red Light Therapy, designed to rejuvenate and energize.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Accelerate your post-workout recovery with our targeted red light therapy sessions.

Improved Skin Health

Promote healthier, more vibrant skin with our gentle and effective red light treatments.

Boost your Immune System

Helps prevent autoimmune diseases and much more.

Member Success Stories

I have been using red light therapy for ten weeks. I have noticed a significant reduction of joint pain from my arthritis. With less pain and creaky joints going to the gym is fun again. Another advantage of RLT that I have noticed is more deep sleep and REM sleep. With better sleep comes more energy and focus. I would highly recommend RLT to anyone. It has been a life changer for me.


Enthusiastic Gym Member

Thank you for offering Red Light Therapy at Premier Fitness & Wellness! It’s so convenient and easy! Some of the positive benefits that I have experienced are improved skin, fewer wrinkles and a noticeably smoother texture. It’s definitely good for healing and muscle recovery. I’ve also noticed that my hair is growing faster! And NEW GROWTH, so that is awesome! I will continue with RLT!


Enthusiastic Gym Member

I have done Red Light Therapy for 3 months. My main purpose was to try and alleviate pain due to fibromyalgia. I truly benefitted from this. Not only was there substantial relief from my pain, but I was also surprised to notice much my hair was was growing! In addition to that,  people are telling me they have noticed a difference in my skin tone. I joined Premier Fitness & Wellness for all the positive opportunities it offered. Sally runs a great place and is very accomodating. Red Light Therapy has definitely been a huge plus. I will continue to use it for all the benefits it provides. 

Linda J
Enthusiatic Gym Member

I had a lipoma removed prior to starting my Red Light Therapy sessions at Premier and I couldn’t believe how quickly the incision healed & with minimal scarring! My skin and hair have also noticeably improved by just relaxing under the red lights for 20 minutes, 3 times per week. Less joint pain, inflammation and quicker muscle recovery after my workout. Premier Fitness offers the best pricing on Red Light Therapy that I have found in the area and I love that I can schedule my time around my workouts and do everything in one place!  Thank you Premier Fitness!

Diana V

Enthusiastic Gym Member

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